Nasonex™ 24 Hour Allergy + Congestion, 120 Sprays

Nasonex™ 24 Hour Allergy + Congestion, 120 Sprays

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Here's the latest buzz about Nasonex 24HR Allergy nasal spray: The same prescription strength relief is now available over-the-counter for 24HR relief of multiple allergy symptoms. Scent-free Nasonex spray delivers non-drowsy allergy medicine directly to your irritated nasal passages. The active ingredient is mometasone furoate, 50 mcg per spray, which is original prescription strength. Trust Nasonex for all-day, all-night, all year relief of indoor, outdoor, and seasonal allergy symptoms. Children should use for the shortest time needed for symptom relief. Talk to your doctor if your child needs to use for longer than 2 months a year. Long-term use of nasal and inhaled corticosteroids may increase the risk of glaucoma, cataracts; regular eye examinations should be considered. If new symptoms occur or your symptoms don’t improve in 7 days, stop using the product and see your doctor. Use as directed.

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